The Brighton Synergy Centre

Synergy Centre

The Brighton Synergy Centre, located on Brighton’s West Street, is a community arts venue designed to offer affordable creative space to any organisation working towards a positive, conscious-minded, socially inclusive and environmentally friendly society.

Our aim is to use surpluses from weekend events to subsidise smaller, midweek events and activities.  Community-minded groups and individuals who wish to showcase their work, build networks and engage young or marginalised people in society, promote sustainability and support those taking a more active role in producing local art and culture are invited to host weekday and evening activities at the centre.

Such events will include workshops, debates, charitable activity, community outreach programmes, educational training programmes, mindfulness, drug and alcohol awareness campaigns and promotion of Non-Governmental Organisation activity.

The Synergy Centre project is particularly focused on supporting the most vulnerable in society and we are building links and programmes in support of :

  • The homeless
  • ‘Clients’ of Job Centre Plus and the long term unemployed
  • People engaged in or recovering from substance mis-use.
  • People suffering from poor mental health.
  • Young People Not in Education or Training (NEET 16-24)

Renovations Complete and  Spaces for Hire.

The initial stage of renovations is now complete, with the front venue (fomerly known as Hedkandi) and the space above it, now open to the public and available for hire. For pricing, please click here.

For more images of the spaces in the Centre, please click here

Another Venue lost in Brighton ?

The future of the new Centre will depend on whether Brighton and Hove City Council decide to prevent yet another live music venue from being lost to redevelopment. We are beginning our consultations and hope to have encouraging news soon. In the meantime, here is an interesting quote from the Brighton City Plan, which outlines the strategic vision for the City in planning terms.

Central Brighton and particularly the West Street area has been identified as a violent crime hotspot. Through effective coordination of relevant strategies and policy areas (e.g. licensing, policing and public safety) and working with the police, health agencies and other partners, the council will seek to improve safety by encouraging a more balanced range of complementary evening and night-time economy uses which appeal to a wide range of age and social groups and managing existing late night uses within identified parts of central Brighton.

Our Track Record

For more information about the historical origins of The Synergy Centre, please take a look at the web-site of The Synergy Project, the groundbreaking ‘conscious partying’ organisation that ran a series of events in London between 2003 and 2009.


Profits from ‘The Project’ were invested into converting a disused warehouse in Camberwell, South London, in to a youth and community arts centre – the first ‘Synergy Centre’.

A film we made about The Synergy Centre in Camberwell, which ran between 2005 and 2009, can be seen below.

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