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Hed Kandi Front 700

The Synergy Centre team have just finalised a deal  with the owners of a large venue in Brighton about the interim use of the space formerly known as Hed Kandi on West Street in Brighton. The space is a 380 capacity venue which we will be developing into a mix-used venue, applying Synergy’s time-honoured strategy of harnessing the power of creative media to raise awareness of sustainable, ethical and ‘conscious’ lifestyles. In the medium term, we aim to open the rest of the 1780 capacity venue, using income from weekend events to cross-subsidise mid-week charitable activity. If we are successful in obtaining a licence for the venue, we will run a series of Synergy Events, as well as working with other Brighton promoters to provide a range of more ‘cultural’ and artistic events than offered elsewhere on West Street.

Clean up and Fix Up

Having been neglected for some time and recently squatted, the building is in need of some repair and cleaning. In the run up to the opening, which we plan to take place in May in time for the Brighton Festival, we are going to be inviting people to get involved particularly with the clean-up process. Volunteers will be rewarded with units of our complementary currency, the ‘Synergy’ which can be redeemed on the door and bar / cafe at future events. We also looking to recruit production and promotion and PR / Fundraising / Research interns – young (or not so young) people looking to gain skills and work experience in the creative and cultural industries.

Our Track Record

For more information about the historical origins of The Synergy Centre, please take a look at the web-site of The Synergy Project, the groundbreaking ‘conscious partying’ organisation that ran a series of events in London between 2003 and 2009.


Profits from ‘The Project’ were invested into converting a disused warehouse in Camberwell, South London, in to a youth and community arts centre – the first ‘Synergy Centre’.

A film we made about The Synergy Centre in Camberwell, which ran between 2005 and 2009, can be seen below.

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