The prices per hour for the hire of the various spaces at the Synergy Centre as as follows :

 Weekdays upstairs (main) upstairs (small) main room downstairs
0900-1700 £7.5 £5 £20
1700-0000 £10 £7.5 £25
 Weekend upstairs (main) upstairs (small) main room
0900-1700 £15 £10 avail on request
1700-0000 £20 £15 avail on request

Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any queries or budget is an issue.

For Prices on the Hove Studios, please see here.

Event Nights

For Friday and Saturday Nights, when hiring the venue space for licensable events clients will pay a deposit to cover security and staff costs. Once certain levels of expenditure are achieved on the bar, this deposit will be paid back incrementally. This is a means by which partner promoters can be rewarded by sharing some of the bar sales they will have had a hand in generating and is particularly suitable for promoters with high production costs such as live music promoters.  Please get in touch for further details.

We particularly welcome proposals from promoters working in the following cultural areas :

  • Live Music
  • Dance
  • Spoken Word and Poetry
  • Visual Art
  • Drama, Physical Theatre and ‘performance’.

Opening hours

Earliest Opening : 6pm

Latest Closing : 2am

To comply with licensing, the bar will need to shut 30 minutes before closing and music will need to be turned off 15 before closing.

Please get in touch to discuss terms if you are interested in holding an event at the Centre.