Rough Sleepers Advocacy Project

The Synergy Centre, in partnership with homeliness charity St Mungo’s, is seeking to develop a Rough Sleepers Advocacy Project which will be co-led by Brighton & Hove based rough sleepers, service users and those who may consider themselves part of the homeless community within the Brighton & Hove area.

The development and implementation of the advocacy service will be supplied by the Synergy Centre and St Mungo’s Rough Sleepers Team, who will seek to train people from the rough sleeping community to become advocates for the community. The advocates will act as a bridge between the rough sleeping community and statutory services and represent their views, in addition to encouraging this hard to reach community to engage with appropriate services and to engage in purposeful and positive activities

The Synergy Centre will also offer a secure home and safe space from which the advocacy service can operate, as well as sufficient IT and administration support and relevant further training for community advocates to ensure a successful implementation of the service.

Further support will be obtained from a currently established steering group – consisting of current Synergy Centre senior management, St Mungo’s Rough Sleepers Team representation, Synergy Centre Volunteers representation and potential Service User Advocates. The steering group meets every Thursday at midday at the Centre and oversees and supports the design, development and implementation of the Advocacy Service.

Planned Development and Implementation:

Initial period – 3 months – promotional events/launch event and out-reach, link into relevant services and meetings, identification of potential advocates, interview process.

Training period – 3 months – utilising of identified training package, monitoring of delivery, integrating of advocates into relevant services via work experience. Development of advocacy led meetings and interventions, onward referral and signposting.

Delivery of service – post 6 months – established work pattern and feedback mechanisms, on-going support and development, monitoring and further development. Instigate advocates training further potential advocates as part of a rolling training programme.

Continued delivery – 6 to 12 months – on-going service user/advocacy led feedback mechanisms informing development of service. Implement full review at 12 months.

Current partner agencies:

The Synergy Centre

St Mungo’s


Progress So Far

Two initial consultation events have been held to seek the opinions of the local rough sleeping community on how to design the service and to identify and understand their needs and interests. A report on the consultation process can be read here.