Synergy Community Art Gallery

The Synergy Community Art Gallery provides a large open space with four white-walled spaces and three panelled spaces available for the use of artists. Every two months we host a new exhibition working with local established and emerging artists and outside organisations and charities that work with the disadvantaged.

We are open to ideas for using the space in a more accessible environment that might not be found in a conventional art gallery using all mediums. Holding a running programme of events and workshops on a monthly basis that are in keeping with the current exhibition is in the works.

The venue hosts a variety of events meaning that any exhibition will benefit from attracting an audience that would not otherwise visit a conventional art gallery.

Synergy Community Art Galery

In the future, it is to be hoped that artists exhibiting in the Synergy Community Art Gallery can also exhibit in the larger Synergy Project events, which will take place across the whole site encompassing all three venues.

As well as providing space in which artists can exhibit and present their work, Synergy are also keen to create a space in which discussions can be held about the development of the Arts sector in Brighton and Hove, and to promote networking, collaboration and partnership development between individuals and organisations working in the sector.

Prospective Partners

Brighton University Arts Faculty

A partnership is currently being developed with the Arts Faculty at Brighton University with a view to offering the Centre as a space in which students studying on a variety of different courses can exhibit their work and thereby get a foot on the professional ladder.

City College Brighton

Synergy is also developing a partnership with City College, Brighton, who will be assisting with the renovation of the other venues within the wider Synergy Centre, and who have also expressed an interest in referring their art students to the centre to have them showcase and exhibit their work in the venue.

Synergy Creative Community

Synergy Creative Community  is a not-for-profit community organisation led and run by people with an interest in and experience of mental health care. The group’s mission is to develop a community network of peer support and creative exchange. Through peer support and building links within the community Synergy aims to break down barriers, stigma and discrimination and work to promote a sense of individual and collective identity. They host a variety of workshops in visual art, music and theatre and are keen to use the Centre as an exhibition, workshops and performance space.

Creative Future

Creative Future exists to nurture marginalised artists/writers in their creative development, leading them to high quality professional creative practice. They provide skills training, mentoring, exhibiting, promoting and publishing opportunities. They aim to inspire aspiration and artistic excellence amongst marginalised artists and writers, increase their confidence, enabling them to re-engage in the community by offering publishing and exhibiting opportunities to ‘get their work out there’; challenging their own and other people’s perception of their potential.

To find out more about how to join the Synergy Arts Team, please get in touch via