The Synergy Project


The Synergy Project returns – from March 2016, after the completion of another round of refurbishment (this time of the main space and chill out room), the Synergy team will be relaunching The Synergy Project, a series of Indoor Festivals in the 1780 capacity Synergy Centre in Brighton. Bringing together the cream of Brighton’s progressive creative and activist community to put on a series of events that promote healthy and sustainable living, creative expression and community empowerment, the event will be the next incarnation of a series of ‘conscious parties’ that date back more than 20 years.

Prospective partners currently include Bass Konnection, Gypsy Disco, Cook the Rabbit Events, Harmony in the Community / Carnivalesque, Indigenous People, Copper Dollar, Roots Garden, English Disco Lovers, Full Circle Stage and the Brighton Food Partnership, as well as local and national non-governmental organisations working in the fields of sustainable development, social justice, ecology etc.

We are also proposing a series of Youth Synergy Project events which will be organized by young people for young people, geared towards the <18 audience, working in partnership with many of the local youth arts and music projects such as Audio Active, Access to Music, DV8, BIM, Northbrook College and the Band Project. The daytime / evening events would give students an opportunity to perform and showcase their creative work or gain valuable experience working on the more technical, administrative or management aspects of the event’s production.

The Synergy Project events will be organized on a modular basis with the various spaces in the centre delegated out to participating production companies, who will be allocated a production budget with which to deliver the space. So as to incentivize partner organisations promoting the event to their networks, the overall event budget will be structured whereby as income exceeds break-even costs, a series of bonus budget rounds will be allocated such that partners will have their production budgets raised the more people attend the event.

Any DJs, bands, poets, video artists, dancers or other performers / artists or campaigners / activists interested in being involved, please get in touch !